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VeganMoFo Sweet Focaccia

I love focaccia, but have never made it myself. When I heard of sweet focaccia, I decided I had to try it myself. It’s a thin, sweet focaccia topped with fruit. Currently fresh in my yard are peaches and apples. So, I made a ginger peach and a cinnamon apple focaccia.

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For the bread itself, I used the sweet focaccia recipe from the cookbook Focaccia by Carol Field.

For the apple topping:

4 cups chopped apples per 12″ focaccia round

1/4 cup maple syrup

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp olive oil (enough to brush the edges of the bread)

To assemble – spread apples over dough. Be sure to drizzle any remaining liquid over the apples. After you pull it from the oven, brush edges of bread with olive oil.


For the peach topping:

1 C sliced peaches per 12″ focaccia round

a sprinkle of nutmeg

a sprinkle of ginger

1/8 – 1/4 cup sugar (depending on sweetness of your peaches)

2 tablespoons olive oil

To assemble – brush olive oil over dough. Place peaches in a spiral on dough. Sprinkle nutmeg, ginger, and sugar over top. Once you pull the bread from the oven, brush olive oil over edges of bread.

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VeganMoFo – Slow Cooked Yeast Bread

You read right. Slow cooked bread. Like, the kind of bread I can make delicious sandwiches with.

When I read about making bread in a crock pot, I was a little dubious, but had to try it. I decided that, instead of experimenting with a new bread recipe cooked in a new way, I’d use my favourite, tried-and-true, never-fail bread recipe. It’s the Outrageously Easy BIG Bread from VegWeb.

I use this recipe for everything from cinnamon pull-apart bread to dinner rolls (perfect for Thanksgiving!).

Anyway, I didn’t make any changes to it this time. I just threw it in the slow-cooker and let it rise (first rise) for about an hour, then punched it down, and turned the slow-cooker on low – it rose the second time while the crock pot was warming up.

The bread was a little more dense than it is when you cook it in the oven. I may let it rise a little longer the second time when I make it again? I have no idea if that would actually make it less dense. Either way, I’m not super concerned – it was awesome.

First Farmers’ Market of the Season

Friday I went to my first farmers market of the season. Really, it was the second week they set up.

This year, it’s bigger than it was last year, with an extra block of food, music, and other goods.

Every time I go, I fill at least one big canvas bag with every vegetable I can get my hands on. I prefer getting things I can’t find in grocery stores, and the farmers market never ceases to surprise me with foods I’ve never heard of or seen anywhere else. Friday was no different.

I walked away with beet hummus, veggie chips (which includes oven baked carrots, green beans, purple sweet potato, and taro root), frog balls (pickled Brussels sprouts),  apple chipotle bbq sauce,  chayote greens, bitter melon greens, black eyed pea heads (greens?), and round zucchini. Dinner was grilled corn on the cob (on a stick, covered in chili powder) with fresh squeezed lemonade.

I’ve never eaten any of the greens before. I’m pretty excited, and will post an update as soon as I make something with them.


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