VeganMoFo – Creepy Cocktails!

[updated 10/30; 1:16pm]

This week, SnarkyVegan sent a handful of bloggers two martini recipes to customize.  The other bloggers include:


SnarkyVegan (of course)

The Tasty Vegan

Amanda Eats SLC

Little Things Big Things (check out her MummyDogs below the martini recipe!)


Will Work For Veggies


Pumpkin Spice-tini:

pumpkin mash:

2T pumpkin pure

1T thick plant milk or creamer (I used Trader Joe’s Coconut Beverage)

1T agave

1tsp pumpkin pie spice

Mix in shaker (filled with ice) with –

1 1/4 ounces (shots) vanilla vodka

1/4ounce rum

1/4 ounce buttershots (butterscotch schnapps)

Rim martini glass with crushed graham crackers (blend graham cracker crumbs with pumpkin pie spice and sugar)

Decorate with creepy eyeballs, graham crackers, or ginger cookies.


Graveyard Martini:

Line the rim of a martini glass with crushed chocolate cookies – to get the cookies to stick, dip the glass on a plate covered with Kahlua (use what’s left on the plate in your martini, if you don’t want to waste).

Drizzle a bit of chocolate syrup inside the glass, let it run down a bit.

In a shaker, mix:

1 1/2 ounce Chocolate Liquer

1 1/2 ounce Vanilla Vodka

1 ounce Kahlua

splash of thick plant milk (I used Trader Joe’s Coconut Beverage – it’s thicker than So Delicious Coconut milk, but not as thick as plant based creamers)

Shake well. Top with spooky marshmallow ghost and some crushed chocolate cookies.

I made the ghost out of my last two Sweet and Sara plain marshmallows – I just cut them with a knife to give them a ghostly shape (they were stuck together).

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  1. I really love the pumpkin martini. I’m planning to drink variations of it all season!


  2. Julia Moran Martz

    Where did you get that awesome eyeball?


  3. Yum, I really like addition of agave in this recipe. That’s a good idea! Yum!


  4. I love the eye in an otherwise calm drink! Spoooooky.


  5. eyeball decorations! fabulous!


  6. I adore the eyeball! It’s so sinister, just sitting in the middle of an otherwise inconspicuous cocktail – very creepy.

    The agave is a nice touch although I find agave has a bit of a weird taste sometimes… anyone else feel the same? To throw in an extra dash of Canadiana for Halloween I’m going to go with Maple Syrup! Yum! Pumpkin, maple syrup, alcohol… who can complain, eh?!


  7. A Tablespoon of Liz

    This looks so good, I love the eyeball garnish!


  8. Thanks, all for the compliments!

    I think I got the eyeballs at Target – they’re gumballs. They wouldn’t float on their own, so I put a graham cracker square in the glass, then put the eye on top. The eyeball is equally creepy sitting at the bottom of the glass.


  9. So cool! I love the graveyard martini!


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