>Warrior Dash


Last Saturday, I participated in The Warrior Dash. It is advertised as “the craziest frickin’ day of your life.”

I was muddy before the race even started

It delivered.

Pre Race Warrior Warm-Up

In a nutshell, its a 5k obstacle course. Our obstacles included: climbing over, under, and through junk cars, making our way through a web of ropes in some trees, sprinting up a mountain, climbing up and down cargo nets, leaping over walls, crawling through tunnels, climbing over a mountain of hay bales, diving down a slip and slide on our stomachs, leaping fire, and finally, making our way through a pit of mud – under barbed wire. The day includes free beer, live music, great food (even for vegans!), a costume contest, a beard contest, and warrior hats – everyone gets one.

Timing Chips and Doomed Shoes

The Obstacles:
Web of ropes
Climbing over cars
Sometimes leaping or going through cars
There may have been an attempt or two at sliding on cars
Post – Slip ‘n’ Slide. My knees are bleeding, and I’m laughing

Walls of Fire
Leaping Fire

The signs just before the mud pit

Mud pit from hell
It was soooo hard to get through. I’m sure I burned more calories in the few minutes it took to get through this than I did the whole rest of the race

The Costumes:

Ghost Busters

I honestly am not sure.
These people were great

Post Race:

This was after being hosed off. Our shoes didn’t stand a chance.
So, they were donated to Green Sneakers
Our finishers medals


About Kelly

Vegan blogger, foodie, yarn junkie, novice gardener, shoe hater.

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  1. >wow, what an exciting race! Love the t-shirt, by the way. I've been wanting one of those myself 🙂


  2. >you forgot the tires! it's too bad we didn't find you guys sooner post-race; more pics with all of us muddy would have been awesome.


  3. >Sarah – its a great shirt! and, amazingly, it came clean in only two washes!Nichole – how could I forget! And, I agree, more pictures next time! We're thinking about doing the SoCal Dash in the spring.


  4. >That looks SOOO fun! What a great (and muddy) day!


  5. >That loooks insane, wowza! Looks like you had a blast 🙂


  6. >Wow! The Warrior Dash looks amazing! Brilliant fun, and who can resist getting that muddy?!Well done, you look like you had an incredible time 😀


  7. >KelI'm so proud of you!You did amazing


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